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Avatar: The Last Airbender

Aang & The Gaang

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This community is open to all folks who wish to discuss Avatar: The Last Airbender in detail. This particular community is to focus on the show proper and discuss the shows character developments, story line, news about actors, upcoming movies, show times, show listings, spoilers, personal theories, avatar merchandise, etc.

Fanfic, FanArt, Avartarded Photos, Cosplay and the like that have nothing to do with the details of the actual show, would belong to another community, avatar_fans would be an excellent recommendation.

- Play nice.
- PG-13 language, PLEASE.
- No flaming.
- Spoilers, large images, etc, to go under an .
- No swearing.
- No bashing.

Disclaimer: This LJ is in no way connected to Nick or the show itself. We have no formal agreement with them and the views expressed within are strictly those of the fans.

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